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As part of the Kickstarter campaign, many of you picked the option to design your own commander, missile or building for Predestination. This post will explain all of the options you have to choose from for each. When you’ve made your selection, email the details to along with your Kickstarter username. If you have any ideas that aren’t in this post, please post a comment here or include them in your email.

Designing a commander:

To design your commander, we need to know:

  • Type: Decide whether you want your commander to be a Colony Leader or a Ship Captain.
  • Name: Come up with a name, and optionally a title e.g. “Dr. Steve” or “Administrator Seth”
  • Story (optional): What did your commander do before being stranded in the past? You can either write a short backstory for him or just give us some ideas and we’ll write it up for you.
  • Portrait (optional): You can either draw portrait of your commander yourself or just give us an idea of what you want your commander to look like and our character artist will draw a portrait for you. Your commander doesn’t have to be one of the races we’ve revealed, he or she can be any kind of alien as long as it looks feasible. (minimum 256 x 256 pixels)
  • Core Stat: Pick one stat from the lists below. This will apply to an entire planet for a Colony Leader or an entire fleet for a Ship Captain!
  • Other Stats: Pick another 1-3 stats from the list below. These will apply only to the colony a Colony Leader is based in or the ship a Ship Captain is on. You have 5 points to spend between these stats, so you could for example put three into one stat and two into another.

Example commander:

  • Type: Colony Leader
  • Name: Dr Steve
  • Story: Dr Steve was a medical researcher for the Human empire before the great war, specialising in diagnostic medicine and epigenetics. He brings with him advanced medical expertise and research techniques that have been lost to your empire.
  • Portrait: Please make Dr Steve a bald human male with a black goatee and a labcoat.
  • Core stat:  +Colony medical facilities
  • Other stats: +Research points per turn (3 points),  +Research yield from research outposts (1 point), +Colony morale (1 point)
  • Comments: Would it be possible to make Steve randomly ask you for huge amounts of money for research grants with a chance of producing a new technology?


Colony Leader stats:

  • +Mining yield from mining towns
  • +Research yield from research outposts
  • +Food yield from farms
  • +Research points per turn
  • +Maximum population
  • +Power plant energy output
  • +Power grid energy storage (stored energy is used for strategic weapons, ground batteries etc)
  • +Storage silo capacity
  • +Ship build speed
  • +Missile build speed
  • +Colony scanner range (increases detection range and ship movement range)
  • +Ground troop defense bonus
  • +Colony shield strength bonus
  • +Ground battery damage bonus
  • +Colony morale (can tax happy population for more and they’re less likely to revolt)
  • +Colony police security (prevents revolts, thefts etc)
  • +Colony medical facilities (population growth rate)
  • -Freighter cost for trade routes with nearby systems
  • +Planetary exploration bonus
  • +Diplomacy with other species
  • +1 seat on the galactic council

Ship Captain stats:

  • +Armour HP
  • +Shield HP
  • +% Armour repaired per turn
  • +Shield regeneration rate
  • +Resistance to missile damage
  • +Dodge chance vs beam and projectile weapons
  • +Beam weapon damage
  • +Beam weapon range
  • +Projectile weapon damage (mass drivers)
  • +Projectile weapon range
  • +Missile damage
  • +Missile move speed
  • +Drone/interceptor damage
  • +Drone/interceptor move speed
  • +Big damage bonus on Reactive Strike (point defense weapons auto-firing at ships, missiles and drones that come into range)
  • +Ship speed / agility in tactical combat
  • +Ship FTL travel speed
  • Ship can move safely through nebulae at FTL speed
  • Ship is hidden from enemy scanners while in FTL
  • +Damage/accuracy when bombarding planets
  • +Troop bonus when boarding enemy ships or being deployed as ground troops
  • +Crew morale (improves rate of experience gain)
  • +Self-destruct damage
  • Can see ships in nebulae and reduced attack penalty on ships in nebulae


If you pledged to design either a building or a missile, please send your ideas over to and we’ll discuss them with you directly. Whether you’ve got a fully fleshed out idea with a backstory and sketches to show us or just some early ideas you’d like to make sure are feasible, we’d love to get that conversation started. If you’re designing a missile or a building and want your commander to grant that technology when he’s hired, be sure to let us know in your email.


**  Please make sure that your names, back-stories, portaits and designs don’t use any copyrighted material. These are also still very early stats so details may change to make your entry fit better with the gameplay or the Predestination universe.

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