Website Overhaul: Comments are Back and the Homepage is Pretty!

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We’re super-excited about the new and very-much-improved Predestination website and we really hope you are too! It may take regular visitors a while to get used to our new look, but I think we can all agree that it’s a positive change. We’d received several comments about how dated and clunky the old layout was, so we opted for a much cleaner look that signposts the key information much more clearly for our fans.

So, what’s different?

  • Comments are back! We’ve integrated the Livefyre comment system into our new design in order to bring comment functionality back. We had previously disabled comments due to the amount of spam we were receiving, but we have taken the opportunity to clean up the issue by taking the comments “offsite”. You have plenty of sign-in option with Livefyre and it’s very widely used across the internet, which should make the change much easier for you. We can’t wait to get chatty discussions going again… we really missed hearing your comments.
  • We have a brand new homepage! You’ll immediately notice that the front page is drastically different than it was before. Our site has moved away from the blogroll homepage we had before, and instead we’ve opted for the inbuilt presentation page that our new template provides. The homepage packs in much more information that it used to: you’ll find a gallery that features our most recent dev blogs and information columns for those who are new to the site. Below this is a mini blogroll that features the 5 most recent posts for your perusal. We also much more prominently feature the developer website for our company as per your feedback.
  • We have removed the community forum. I know that this change may not be met with so much enthusiasm, but now that Predestination is in early access and player numbers are significantly increasing while the forum activity here decreased, we feel the need to remove it in order to keep everything together. Our forum menu option will take you do our Steam discussion board, which is the hub of our online community. Doing so will reduce the amount of places in which our two pairs of eyes need to be at once, giving us more time to focus on the game and you. Those who do not want to create a Steam account can still provide us with comments here, or larger queries can be sent to me by email.

What if I find something wrong or I don’t like the changes?

We really hope that you’ll love what we’ve done with the place and that you don’t spot anything amiss over the next few days. If you do have any complaints, however, let us know in the comments. We’re always open to change here at Brain and Nerd, so if what you’re saying makes sense, we’re happy to adjust. This is your haunt as much as it is ours, after all, and we want you to enjoy your visits.

I want to give a big shout-out to the Parabola theme creators CryOut Creations. We’re blown away by your custom settings and we adore the overall theme aesthetic – thanks!

All the best,

— Tina, Co-Director @ Brain and Nerd

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