Predestination 3D Ship Designer now on Kickstarter


The Predestination 3D Ship Designer kickstarter campaign we discussed in the previous update is now live!

You can help us out by spreading the link via your social media networks and sending tips to gaming news sites to spread the word about Predestination.


A quick Q&A on the ship designer and how it relates to Predestination as a whole:

Q. Will work on the 3D Ship Designer slow down progress on Predestination?

A. No, it shouldn’t! We have hired an additional developer named Lugh who is currently dedicated to working on the 3D Ship Designer. I am still laser-focused on the core Predestination game and work is progressing on the galaxy-level gameplay.

Q. When will Predestination launch?

A. Last year we set a tentative launch window for digital delivery to backers of the end of 2013 or Q1 2014. We’ve since made a ton of progress and we believe can now more accurately pin down a release date. We’re now aiming to release the first combined beta (all the core gameplay together) to backers by the end of January 2014, and launch the finished game in March 2014. We are of course dedicated to making sure the game is solid and polished before release, and will delay launch if backers don’t think it’s ready for the general public at that time.

Q. Why is the 3D Ship Designer project’s goal so low?

A. We’ve only asked for $3,500 for the ship designer because the project is already funded, so our first goal is basically the first stretch goal. You’ve already funded Predestination and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland has provided the £10,000 we needed to produce a basic ship designer. The kickstarter is to add some new features, and to give more people the opportunity to pre-order the game if they missed it last year. If it doesn’t get funded, we’ll still have the 3D ship designer in the game, but it won’t be quite so flashy.

Q. What can I do to help?

A. The most important thing for us right now is to just get the word out there. It’s been a year since you helped us succeed in the original Kickstarter campaign, and there are plenty of fresh-faced 4X fans out there who would love to hear about Predestination. This is their last chance to become a kickstarter backer before the game is released. You can help by posting links to the kickstarter on any forums or gaming communities you frequent, sharing the project on social media platforms.

Perhaps more importantly, you can help by sending tips on the game to any gaming news sites and blogs you read. We’ve mostly been covered by small indie blogs so far, and a few minutes of your time sending tips to the larger gaming media sites could make all the difference in the world and help us bring Predestination to a much larger audience.

Q. Can we get a special deal on rewards from the new campaign since we backed the first one?

A. We hadn’t really expected any of our existing backers to want to pledge again, but at least one person has already backed both projects. We definitely want to reward people who double-back us, and would love to hear your ideas on additional extras we could give. Double-backers and high backers will also of course get a special mention in the game credits for their extraordinary contributions. If you have an inquiry about becoming a backer of both projects, send us a message here on Kickstarter.

Thanks for all your support so far, everyone. With your help, we’re making Predestination a reality and bringing back the classic turn-based 4X game.


— Brendan, Lead Developer

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