January game development update roundup

Hey guys! It’s been a hectic month here at Brain and Nerd as we worked out our budget, gave a few talks about our Kickstarter experience, and got production on Predestination into full swing. Now that we’re set up, you can expect more frequent updates on game development, artwork and races. So what have we been up to this month?

  • Upgraded planets, they are now 100% more awesome :D. (video)
  • Added new colonisation mechanics.
  • Designed the Reptile race (race reveal to come with finished art).
  • Designed new buildings (building art update on the way).
  • Added Sandbox mode with different galaxy sizes, ages and types.
  • Backer Nineveh named our big bad alien race, “The Revenants.”

Screenshots of new planet grid:

Video of new planet grid:


Planet update highlights:

  • The planet exploration grid is now visible from orbit. This will give you a better overview of what’s going on at a particular planet at a glance. (video)
  • You can now select hexes from orbit. We can use this for quick colony management, scans, bombardment etc.
  • Built the back-end for Races and buildings.
  • Some buildings are now limited to certain environments. For example, you can’t build Housing on a Barren world, but you can build a Biosphere once it’s researched.

Stay tuned for a lot more regular updates with new game development and artwork. As always, please leave a comment with any feedback!

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