Say hello to work experience student Niall!


As we mentioned during the Predestination Kickstarter campaign, one of our biggest goals with the game is to help kick-start the game development industry here in Northern Ireland. There are currently no established development studios here able to offer  jobs, and so each year dozens of highly qualified university graduates are forced to move abroad to get jobs in the industry. We may not be able to offer full-time employment just yet, but we’re doing what we can to help build up the local games industry by engaging with students who are aiming for a career in game development.

Local student Niall Corr joined the Brain and Nerd team today for a week of work experience! We’ll be giving him a taste of everything that goes into making a game, from programming and 3D modelling to voice acting, storyboarding and concept artwork. Stay tuned for a huge update soon as Niall will be helping us with the reveal of our first Reptile race and the unique gameplay all Reptillian races will have in Predestination. We’ll also be following this up soon with a story trailer delving into the new race’s mysterious past.

EDIT: The reptile race reveal will follow later this week, hopefully at the same time as the reptile story trailer

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