Planet graphics preview

I’d like to thank Adam at SpaceSector for his awesome introduction post on Predestination. I’ve been a bit quiet this week, but have been working on the project. We’re getting forums and a website set up, and making progress on the trailer for the kickstarter campaign. I’ve also been putting together a few videos to show off various parts of the game. Below is a preview of the planet graphics in the game:

This week I started experimenting with a full-screen system window that allows for up to 12 planets instead of the standard 6, and gives more room for UI elements. When I’m done, I’ll post a video of the the normal sized one and the fullscreen one in order to get some feedback and decide on which is better. My gut feeling is that having 12 planets won’t really add much in the way of gameplay and would just take up valuable screen real-estate, and that too many planets per solar system might make the game too slow-paced.

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