Predestination shown at QCon XIX, beta signups open

Thanks to the guys at Digital Circle, we had the opportunity to show off Predestination last weekend at QCon XIX, Ireland’s biggest anime and gaming convention. The game isn’t in a playable state yet, but we put together a special trailer showing some of the game’s main features and had an open signup sheet to get into the beta when it arrives.

I expected to get a few people interested, but was absolutely blown away by the level of support and enthusiasm people had for Predestination. I really can’t thank everyone at QCon enough, over a hundred people signed up for the beta in just two and a half days after seeing the trailer below:

If you didn’t see the trailer and signup sheet, or if you didn’t want to write your email address down on paper, you haven’t lost your chance to get into the beta. We’ve launched a secure online signup page and will be extending signups to the general public for the next few weeks. We’d really appreciate it if you could pass the signup link to any of your friends who might be interested in the game or post it on your Facebook page.

If you want your say in how the game is developed, don’t forget to follow this blog and comment on any game design posts we put up. We rely on your honest feedback to make sure we’re on the right track, and will be posting details of features as we implement and iterate on them. With your support, we can make Predestination the best sci-fi 4X game out there.

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