New screenshots: Galaxy map, planets, system window and planet exploration

There are some big announcements coming in the next week or so for Predestination, but until then we have some new screenshots of the game in action. These screenshots show the three main parts of the game: Galaxy Management, Planetary Exploration, and Tactical Fleet Combat. All three areas are still work in progress, but they’re really starting to come together.

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Hi, A very interesting project you have here. Judging by the entries on this blog, things are progressing at a steady pace and you seem to know 4X games well. I especially like the way you identified various problems that many 4X games face and are trying to solve them. 3d map sounds good and this concept is still quite fresh, but you need to make sure that the UI is as user-friendly as possible. Otherwise, navigating the map will become a chore and this is sth that is the downfall of many games, as the players spend most of the playing time on the map. Avoid cluttered galaxy maps if possible. Remember, space is mind-bogglingly big! :D Cheers